Subject: 10 AC

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Week of November 9-14
Due Monday
Vocab Unit 5 Test
Chapter Two and Three of To Kill a Mockingbird
Writing Assignment for Chapter 2 and 3 of To Kill a Mockingbird

Due Tuesday
Background Mini-Research Project (must have a works cited page to present) Assignment sheet and rubric included above
Chapter 4 and 5 of To Kill a Mockingbird
Writing assignment for Chapter 4 and 5

Due Wednesday
Vocab Notecards for Unit 6 in Red
Vocab Drawing for Unit 6

Due Thursday
Chapter 6,7, and 8
No writing assignment

Due Friday
Completing the Sentences and An/Sy for Unit 6
Typed group notes for Chapter One of To Kill a Mockingbird

Week of November 16 - 23

Due Monday
Chapter 9-10
Writing Assignment for 9-10 (Writing Assignments Included in Blue Packet and above in the To Kill a Mockingbird Assignments Doc.)
Short Story Preparation Sheet. Each students must have their own sheet filled out whether or not they have chosen to work in a group for this assignment. (Assignment Sheet Included in Blue Packet and above in the To Kill a Mockingbird Assignments Doc.)

Due Tuesday
Chapter 11
No writing assignment
To Kill a Mockingbird Part 1 Quiz

Due Wednesday
Choosing the Right Word and Vocab in Context for Vocab Unit 6
Scene Selection Sheet for Children's Book. Each student must have their own sheet filled out whether or not they have chosen to work in a group for this assignment. (Assignment Sheet Included in Blue Packet and above in To Kill a Mockingbird Assignment Doc)

Due Thursday
Children's Book Based on To Kill a Mockingbird (Hand out, Rubric, and Preparation Sheets in Blue Packet and above in the To Kill a Mockingbird Assignments Doc.) The due date for the actual children's book has been changed. Students now have until next Thursday to have the children's book completed

Typed Editor's Page for the Children's Book. (This information is also included in the blue Packet as well as above in the To Kill a Mockingbird Assignment Doc.) This is still due on Thursday.

Due Friday
Vocab Chapter 6 Test
Chapter 12-13
Writing assignment is now due for this reading assignment. This is a change from what was previously posted. Please pay attention to the writing focus for each assignment. It will be part of your grade. The writing assignments are in your packet and also appear in assignment packet below.

Week of Nov 30- December 4th
Due Monday
Chapter 14-15
Writing assignment for 14-15

Due Tuesday (Please note this change on the wiki. The wiki now refers to the homework that was on the board last week.)
Chapters 16-18
No writing assignment

Due Wednesday
Vocab Chapter 1-6 Test
Chapters 19
No writing assignment

Due Thursday
Revision of Editor's Note. Please see the description of the assignment and the rubric in the blue packet. Below please find the directions as stated in your handout. Don't forget to read over the rubric as well. I decided to include the points we discussed in class today in case any of you missed anything. As always, if you have any questions about any of the following points or anything we discussed in class today, please ask in class or make an appt. with me after school.

Editor’s Note: This is a rationale for how you adapted the novel to the children’s book format. It will explain in detail how you (the editor) condensed the novel into a children’s story. Within your note you must:

1. Use a thesis statement that clearly asserts the rationale for your change and what you are trying to demonstrate .

Example thesis: My group decided to include scenes from TKAM that demonstrate the value of respecting all individuals but decided to leave out all mention of Tom Robinson and Boo Radley due to the adult nature of the story lines that include them.

2. Use comparison and contrast between TKAMB and your version to help demonstrate your knowledge of theme, symbol and characterization within the novel.

3. Explain at least three examples of what you changed, shortened, or omitted from the original story and why. Textual proof from TKAMB is essential in order to provide an in depth rationale for your changes - Some of you wrote five paragraphs in which you explained what happened in five different scenes in the novel. Instead, you are supposed to explain what scenes, characters, plot twists, and/or values that you decided you could do without when creating your children's book and why you made those decisions. You make choose to say that you delected the character of Tom Robinson completely because that story line was too harsh for children. Next, you could provide a quote that demonstrates the harsh nature of the Tom Robinson case.

4. Include a discussion of what relationships, themes, and/or symbols you emphasized in the story, why it was important to do so, and why and how you were able to do so effectively. Please explain this in one paragraph only. This should be the fourth body paragraph.

The rationale must be two - three pages, typed, double-spaced and be inserted into the binding of your book after the actual story. Each paper should be six paragraphs long- an introduction, conclusion, and four body paragraphs.

If you are working alone, you may choose to deal with three aspects of one story line. This means that your book needs to be at least three pages. For example, you may choose to depict scenes including Boo Radley.

If you are working in a group, you have to choose three different points that you are trying to convey. You need to have five pages in your book.

Due Friday
Chapter 20-21
No writing assignment
Flash cards for chapter 7

Due Monday
Quiz on TKAM Chapters 1-22
Read Chapters 22-24
Each student was assigned one question from the question sheet for homework--I am looking for 100% homework as an early holiday gift for me!!!!

For the following days there may be question or writing homework to go along with the reading.
Due Tuesday
Read Chapter 25
Completing the Sentences and An/Sy for Unit 7

Due Wednesday
Read Chapters 26-27

Due Thursday
Read Chapters 28-29

Due Friday
Read Chapters 30-31
We may have our Final TKAM test or it may be Monday

Week of December 14-18
Due Monday

Choosing the Right Word/Vocab in Context

Due Tuesday
Typed Character Overview

Due Wednesday
Outline for TKAM Letter
Introduction and Conclusion for TKAM Letter
Southern Recipe

Due Thursday
Memory Box Presentations
Vocab Drawing
Southern Recipe (If you did not hand it in yesterday)

Last Day to make up TKAM Test

Due Friday
Additonal Memory Box Presentations
Typed Rough Draft of TKAM Letter
Southern Feast Food- Please bring in utensils to serve your item as well as anything special the class will need to consume your food. I will provide paper plate, napkins, and utensils. If possible, bring your food in a disposable container so you do not have to put any food items in your locker. You cannot leave any plates or containers here over the weekend.

Week of 12/21/09
Due Monday

Final TKAM Letter
More Memory Boxes

Due Tuesday
Final Memory Boxes

Due Wednesday
Vocab Unit 7 Test

Week of 12/4/10

Due Tuesday

Vocab Unit 8 Notecards

We will be answering questions for the next three nights. Just a quick reminder about how to earn full credit for your answers. Please answer in complete sentences. Many of the questions are actually two or three questions so be sure to answer all of them--NOT JUST THE FIRST! While some questions require thought, most of what I am asking has been touched on in some way in class. If you have no idea what the question is asking you about, you make have been drifting while we were discussing that point. If there is a reference to a person or play that you don't know anything about, look it up. To receive full credit, your answers must be correct. I will give you partial credit for answers that are logical and based on the text but that are incorrect. Remember when sitting down to do homework ifor any of your classes, there are only two weeks left in the semester!

Due Wednesday
Unit 7 Completing the Sentences and An/Sy
Questions 7-9 for Master Harold and the Boys

Due Thursday
Choosing the Right Word and Vocab in Context
Questions 10-15 for Master Harold and the Boys

Due Friday
Vocab Unit 8 Test
Questions 19-20 for Master Harold and the Boys

Looking ahead
Next week's vocabulary quiz will be on Thursday instead of Friday to give us time to review the words that will be on the final exam. Also, we will take the short essay part of the exam in class on Tuesday since the exam is long and I do not want you to run out of time.