Hunger games Questions Part One
1. What is the Seam?
The Seam is where district 12 is placed right on the edge of the woods.
2. How old are the three main characters (thus far)? You need to decide who the main characters are.
So far the three main characters are Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark and Haymitch Abernathy. Katniss and Peeta are both sixteen years old at this time. Haymitch Abernathy’s age is not mentioned but he is described as being middle-aged.
3. How did the main character get her nickname?
The character got her nickname from when she was in the woods with Gale and she said her name. While she had told Gale her name she whispered it and he thought instead of Katniss she said Catnip
4. How old are the sisters? Prim is 12 and Katniss is 16.
5.How old were the sisters when their father died?
Katniss was 11 years when her father died and Prim was 6.
6. How did the main character’s father die?
Katniss, the main character, father had died in a coal mining accident when the mine had exploded.
7. What is the reaping?
The reaping is when two kids, a boy and a girl, are chosen from each district to compete in the Hunger Games.
8.*What is the reason for the reaping?The reason for the reaping is that it shows that the Capitol has control over the people in the district. The reason that the Capitol has to show this is because the people have rebelled before and so they don’t do it again the Capitol does worse than punishing the people, it punishes their children.
9. What is the name of the new country? Panen
10. The Country that the districts were before was North America.
11.*Why was a new country formed?
The new country was formed because there were people that had no where to live so they created this country of a developed leadership and government to help to protect the people.
12. What does District 12 produce and export?
District 12’s industry is coal.

13. What is the name of Prim’s pet?
The name of Prim’s pet cat is Buttercup because although he is an ugly color, Prim insists that he resembles the color of a buttercup.

14. Why does the main character want to kill the pet prim when brings it home and why does she appreciate the pet when she has to go?
Katniss wanted to kill buttercup because she already had to feed her mom and sister and the cat would be another mouth to feed.

15.What is the tesserae and why doesn’t the main character want her sister to take it?
The tesserae are worth a year’s supply of grain and oil for one person. Katniss does not want Prim to take any because if you take one your name gets entered into the reaping bowl again which makes it a greater chance that you’ll be picked for the games.
16. How many times is the main character’s name entered into the reaping and why?
Katniss Everdeen’s name has been entered into the reaping twenty times by now. This is because her family is very poor and needed extra food, by adding your name more times into the reaping you receive a small amount of grain and oil to barley last a year for one person.

17.What does the main character look like and how do we know?
Katniss is a tiny girl and before she gets cleaned up at the capitol, she’s pretty grimy. She has fairly long hair since it can be braided. We get most of her physical features from when she gets to the capitol but she also mentions what she looks like in the beginning talking about when she first went hunting.
18.Describe Gale not only his physical appearance but also the type of person he is.
Gale is Katniss’ only good friend. She says from the time he was 14 he already looked like a man. Gale is a very self sufficient person, providing for his family of 5 by himself since forever and even helping Katniss he’s a tough person. He also hate the capitol and the government because of how underprivileged he is. Physically he has straight black hair, olive skin, and grey eyes.

19. Who is Haymitch and what do we know about him?
Haymitch, is the last remaining survivor of the Hunger Games from district 12. We know that he is a drunk, and that he embarrasses himself in public frequently because of it.

20. Describe Effie Trinket?
Effie works as an escort for district 12.

21. Why do some children from other districts volunteer for the reaping?
Many of the children from other districts take it as a huge honor to go into the games, mainly because their districts usually win. Although this is true for many of the other districts, it is not true for District 12, where they rarely have any volunteers or victors.

22.How does katniss feel when Peeta is the other person chosen for the reaping and why?
After eating on the train Katniss feels ill because the food was so rich compared to what she has at home and she ate it to fast.

23. Why does the main character begin to eat with her hands and wipe her hands on the tablecloth?
Katniss begins to eat with her hands and wipe her hands on the tablecloth because of a comment that Effie Trinket said. She had said that they both, Katniss and Peeta, have such great manners compared to all the other tributes. This makes Katniss very upset and that is why she acts out in such a way.
24. What is a mockingjay and why does the main character like them?
Mockingjay’s originally came from a series of genetically altered animals that the Capitol used as weapons. This bird was called a jabberjay and they had the ability to memorize and repeat conversations. They came around when the rebellions started, but were left to die off when the rebels used it to their advantage. Although they were left to die, they did not; they mated with the female mockingbirds which created the mockingjay’s. Katniss is so fond of them because her father loved them and their music reminded her of when her father used to sing. She feels as though she has a piece of her father whenever she sees’ her mockingjay pin.

25. Why does the main character feel ill when she after she eats on the train?
Katniss feels ill after she eats because the food is so rich compaired to what she eats at home. It also comes in large portions that she can't help but finish.

26. What is the Hob?
The Hob is in District 12 and is a place of trading, but many things that go on there are illegal. This is also where Katniss and Gale, Katniss’ best friend, trade in all of the goods they bring in from hunting, one of the many illegal things that go on there.

27. What advice does Haymitch give the kids after they push him to?
The advice that Haymitch gives the kids is to listen to everything that he says, and to do what ever their stylists suggest. He also tells the kids not to die.

28. By the end of the reading, the main character has already expirenced things that she has never experienced before, name them.
Katniss has experienced a whole string of new things the first is the elevator, which she wants to keep riding because of how fascinating it is. The food is also new to her because its so rich and comes so easily she can’t help but eat all of it and fast. The train is amazing to her because of its speed and all the neat technology inside of it. At one point she thinks she wouldn’t even have time to press all the buttons her quarters alone. Something also new to Katniss is being properly cleaned, when she gets to the capitol she is scrubbed head to toe which is much different from just sitting in a tub of water at home.
29. Relate the story that the main character tells about Peeta?

30. By the end of the reading, the main character is confused about the actions of Peeta thus far. What conflicting emotions does she feel and what are the actions that he has done to make her feel confused?