1.What is the seam?
The seam is the nickname for District 12, the part of the kingdom the main protagonist lives in. It is cruel and one of the poorest districts out of the 12. Its population is about 8000 people. Every year the people suffer from starvation and hope is nowhere in sight. It is close to the Appalachians, which means it is in the north east of America. People in this district mostly work in the mines and there is also a school in this area. It's close to the forest but there are walls protecting this district from wild animals.

2. How old are the three main characters (thus far)? You need to decide who the main characters are.
The three main characters in this novel are Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, and Gale Hawthorne. Katniss and Peeta are sixteen-years-old and Gale is eighteen-years-old.

3. How did the main character get her nickname? Page 7
The main character, Katniss, is referred to as Catnip by Gale. Katniss received this nickname when they first met. It first started when Gale thought he heard Katniss say her name was Catnip instead of Katniss. It became more official and permanent when a crazy lynx followed Katniss around the woods looking for handouts.

4. How old are the sisters?
Katniss is 16 years old, and her sister Prim is 12 years old.

5. How old were the sisters when their father died?
Katniss and Prim’s dad died when Katniss was 11 years old and Prim was 7 years old when this incident happened.

6. How did the main character’s father die? Page 26
Katniss’ father died in a mine accident in one of the bitterest January’s from what anyone can remember.

7. What is the Reaping?
The Reaping is when a girl and a boy ages 12 to 18 are chosen from each district to participate in the Hunger Games. This means that 23 incident children will die. The winners family receives food, wealth, a new home, and material pocessions.

8. *What is the reason for the reaping?
The reason for the reaping is because taking the kids from the twelve different districts and forcing them to violently kill each other on national television is the Capitol’s way of telling the districts that they are at their mercy and how little chance they would ever have at surviving another rebellion. It is to show the districts that they can’t do anything to stop the Capitol and they are powerless.

9. What is the name of the new country? Page 6
The new country is Panem.

10. What country was it before?
North America was the country before Panem.

11. *Why was the new country formed?
The new country is formed because they wanted a peaceful place where the people would be safe and protected by the government. Also there was a war in North America that broke the country up.

12. What does district 12 produce and export?
It exports mines, because this area has a lot of coal mines. Mostly men are working on these jobs.

13. What is the name of Prim’s Pet?
Prim’s pet is named buttercup.

14. Why does the main character want to kill the pet when Prim brings it home and why does she appreciate that the pet is there when she has to go?
Katniss wanted to kill Prim’s pet cat Buttercup because she didn’t need another mouth to feed, but she is grateful that she didn’t because the cat will comfort and calm Prim, and keep her company while Katniss is battling.

15. What is tesserae and why doesn’t the main character not want her sister to take it?
Tesserae is a supply of grain and oil. When the kids are eligible for the competition they can add their names to the lottery more times in exchange for a year's supply of tesserae. Each participant may enter their names more for each person in their family every raising their chances of getting picked to play in the hunger games. Katniss doesn’t want Prim to take tesserae because she doesn’t want Prim to have a higher chance of getting picked.

16. How many times is the main character’s name entered into the reaping and why? Page 13
Katniss was entered into the reaping twenty times at the age of sixteen. She was entered five times because of her age and the remaining fifteen were in exchange for tessera. The tessera is worth a year’s supply of grain and oil for one person.

17. *What does the main character look like and how do we know? Page 8
Katniss has straight black hair, olive skin, and grey eyes. This is discovered when Katniss is describing Gale and she says that Gale could be her brother and they have the some of the same features as stated above.

18. *Describe Gale not only his physical appearance but also what type of person he is?
Gale is an 18 year old boy. He is muscular and very attractive, his personality is outgoing and he also cares about the people in his life.

19. Who is Haymitch and what do we know about him?
He is a winner who won the hunger games a long time ago. Now he is a drunken old man but he got some smart advice for the 2 new participants for the Hunger Games.

20. Describe Effie Trinket? (Be sure to include what her job is and what she wants it to be). Page 19.
Effie Trinket is District 12’s escort at the day of reaping. Effie Trinket is bright and bubbly with pink curly hair that looks like a wig and a scary white grin. She feels that being chosen for the Hunger Games is a true honor. At the day of reaping Effie Trinket announces the winner for the boys and girls for the Hunger Games. She is hoping to get moved up to a better district where the previous winners are not drunks. She is referring to District 12’s previous winner Haymitch Abernathy.

21. *Why do some children from the other districts volunteer for the reaping?
They volunteer because of the prizes they get if they win. They win money and food for their family. Also if they see somebody they really care about is about to be put in the hunger games, they don’t want to see them die or get hurt. A few of the other Districts train their kids all their life to be in the Hunger Games.

22. *How does the main character feel when Peeta Mellark is the other person chosen for the reaping and why? Pages 25-27
At the very first moment when Peeta Mellark’s name is called Katniss becomes very disheartened and doesn’t think this a good thing. She then tries to tell herself that they’re not friends and that it doesn’t matter. Her only remembrance and interaction with him was years ago outside of the bakery. Peeta gave Katniss two burnt loaves of bread when Katniss had nothing to bring home to her mother and sister. Peeta didn’t even know Katniss but he left a good impression on her.

23. *Why does the main character being to eat with her hands and wipe her hands on the tablecloth?
Katniss begins eating with her hands because Effie Trinket made a comment about past competitors eating like savages. Katniss understood that other kids never had enough to eat, so they weren’t worried about manners when they got food. She eats with her hands and wipes them on the tablecloth to bother Effie, which works.

24. *What is a mockingjay and why does the main character like them?
It’s a bird species that was used in war time between the 13 districts and the capital. It can record human voices and so it was the perfect spy for the capital. But after the 13 districts found out about it, they gave the birds false information whenever they saw one and that's how the capital got tricked. Katniss likes mockingjay's because they remind her of her father and she feels like her father is with her and protecting her. They both shared the love of the birds sweet music.

25. *Why does the main character feel ill after she eats on the train?
Katniss feels ill after eating on the train because of all the rich food. She isn’t used to such great tastes and she isn’t used to eating so much.

26. What is the hob?
The hob is the black market in district 12. It's where Katniss and Gale trade their illegal game for other items.

27. What advice does Haymitch give the kids after they push him to?
Haymitch tells Katniss and Peeta not to resist anything that the stylists do to them.

28. *By the end of this reading, the main character has already experienced things that she has never experienced before. Name them.
Katniss gets her first trainride, a hot shower, a table full of delicious food and comfort she could have never imagined before.

29. Relate the story that the main charcter tells about Peeta.
Katniss remembers when she was younger and her family was starving again. She went to a bakery but got kicked out by the owner, Peeta's mother. Suddenly Katniss hears a loud noise in the bakery, and she assumes that Peeta got hit by his mother. Peeta comes out with two pieces of burnt bread and he throws them to Katniss when his mother wasn't looking. Katniss is so happy and can't believe how kind he just was. She happily goes home and feeds her family.

30. *By the end of the reading, the main character is confused about the actions of Peeta thus far. What conflicting emotions does she feel and what are the actions that he has done to make her feel conflicted?
Katniss feels that Peeta is trying to be her friend so it will be easier to kill her and then she wont try to kill him. Although this is the way Katniss is thinking she is also slightly unsure. Katniss and Peeta took care of Haymitch when he was really drunk and needed help. Katniss agreed to help Peeta continue to take care of Haymitch, but Peeta insisted that he could do it. Peeta carried him back to his room, put him in the shower, and made sure he was alright.