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Homework for the Week of 1/25


Unit 1 Flash Cards 1-10 The chapter number must be in the upper right hand corner and the word written on the front. On the back of the card, you will write the definition of the word, the part of speech, the antonyms and synonyms as well as an original sentence. This week's flash cards must be either written in red or the card must be highlighted in red.

Typed rough draft of Metaphor Paragraph. Please review the example before writing. Do not write until Thursday morning to print this homework assignment out! It will not be accepted handwritten or emailed.

Unit 1 Vocabulary- Choosing the Right Word and Sy/An

Homework for the Week of 2/1

Unit 1 Notecards 11-20
Essay Test on The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
The poster project for The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Group Project for TATD of a Part-Time Indian

Be prepared to present both TATD of a Part-Time Indian projects today
All Supplies- I will check any supplies that we were unable to get to on Monday

Vocabulary Drawing- Please refer to classroom handout for directions.

Vocab Test Unit 1

Printed out grade sheet - If you do not have your code, please make sure to get it ASAP so that you can check your grades. I am assigning this homework to ensure that you are checking your grades regularly. In addition, I do not want your parents to have any surprises at the end of the marking period.

Homework for the week of Feb 1 from the wikispace--in other words, print out the page you are reading right now. Again, I want to make sure that you are checking the wikispace. As I said in the class, if there is ever a conflict between the wikispace and the homework assigned in class and written on the board for the week, follow the board assignment.

Homework for the week of 02/08


Read progress reports 1-8 of Flowers for Algernon and do questions. When doing homework questions, please restate the question in your answer. Answer questions in complete sentences and check your spelling and grammar. If there are multiple questions within one question, be sure to answer all parts of the question. Make sure you make an effort to answer the question even if you are unsure of the correct answer. If you knew the answers to all of the questions as soon as you started then they would simply be busy work.

Unit 2 Vocabulary Notecards 1-20

Snow Days!!!

Week of Feb 16th

Read Progress Reports 9-11 and do questions

Questions for Progress Reports 10 and 11 will be accepted late today

Progress Report 1-11 Quiz

Unit 2 Vocab Test

Read Progress Report 12

Notecards (Outlined in Green) for Vocab Unit 3
FFA Mini-Presentation

Do FFA 3-column chart for progress report 12 only
Read Progress Report 13- Pages 132-146 only
Vocab Drawing--Please follow directions on handout carefully

Complete Progress Report 13
Do FFA 3-column chart for progress report 13
Completing the Sentences and An/Sy

Read Progress Report 14 165-180 (Stop at June 20th)
Vocab Unit 3 Choosing the Right Word and Vocab in Context

Snow Day!

Week of March1- Homework is subject to change. Please check board for any changes
Due Monday

Complete Progress Report 14-15
Do FFA 3-column chart for progress report 14
Vocab Unit 3 Test
Printed out and signed Progress Report

Due Tuesday March 2
FFA Quiz on Reading 12-15
Three Reasons that support your debate topic
Signed Progress Report (if you did not have it yesterday)
FFA 3 Column Chart (if you did not have it completed yesterday)

Due Wednesday March 3
Vocab Units 1-3 Quiz
Completed Talk Show Script- Each student must hand in a copy of their own script
All groups need to be prepared to do their talk show (Talk Shows will take place even if all students in the group are not present
Page 4 from Yellow FFA Packet
Read Progress Report 16 Pages 221-240

Due Thursday March 4
Page 6 from Yellow FFA Packet-(It is called Flowers for Algernon Paper Presentation-Please fill out this sheet)
Read Progress Report 16 Pages 241-256
Due Friday March 5
Page 3 from Yellow FFA Packet (Writing the Introduction Prep Sheet)
Typed introduction

Week of March 8th-- Homework Subject to Change. Please check board for any changes
Due Monday

Notecards for Unit 4
Page 5 from Yellow FFA Packet (Writing the Conclusion Prep Sheet)
Typed Conclusion

Due Tuesday March 9
Follow the format provided on page 7 from Yellow FFA Packet- Do not write on this sheet. You are simply following the format but this page must be typed. Please save this work because we will be adding to it to write the final paper. Make sure all of your quotes are correctly cited and that your thesis is in its final state.

Due Wednesday March 10
Vocab Unit 4 Completing the Sentences and An/Sy (optional--this work will not be collected or graded)
Make sure you have all steps of the paper so that we can review today them today

Due Thursday March 11
FFA Debate
Typed Rough Draft of Paper with all steps. No extra spaces between paragraphs. Must be double spaced. Take out all indications of the outline so it looks like a final paper.
Do not forget to look over tips for essay writing sheet before handing in rough draft.

Due Friday
Day off for students!!! Don't forget to study for your vocab test

Due Monday
Vocab Unit 4 Test
Finish Reading Flowers for Algernon
Print out revised paper/ bring in all steps of the paper including the print out you brought in on Thursday/Fill in Peer/Self Edit Sheet.

Due Tuesday
Complete quote review sheet
Flowers for Algernon Test
Unit 5 notecards

Due Wednesday
Last Rough Draft with all steps and Peer/Self Edit Sheet- if you have given someone else your paper to edit, you can still work on improving your paper on your own.

Due Thursday
Draft of Paper only for those that I worked with yesterday

Due Friday
Final Draft of Paper. Please bring all copies of paper with you to class. Also, be sure to have two of your own peer/self edit sheets. One should be done for your final draft and one was done (or supposed to have been done) when you handed in your rough draft. Please mark the one that you did for your final exam as final. Please make sure you take your time when you do the check sheet.

Due Monday
Rough Draft of Comic Book or Scientific
Typed Rough Draft of Rational

Due Tuesday
Entire Vocab Chapter 5

Due Wednesday
Step One and Step Two number 1 (What are the three most important ideas/points the author(s) make(s)?) of South Africa Project

Due Thursday
Final Copy of Flowers for Algernon Final Project
Completed Step Two

Due Friday
Completed Step three and Four Begin to put information into Animoto

Due Monday
Vocab Notecards Chapter 6
Folder with images
Music Choices Made

Due Tuesday
Animoto Finished with Works Cited--We will present today!

Due Wednesday
Vocab Test Chapter 5

Week of 4/5/10

Due Thursday
Vocab Unit 6 - Completing the Sentences and An/Sy

Due Friday
Vocab Unit 6- Choosing the Right Word and Vocab in Context

All students bring in props for the play

All groups except group one (Ashley, Kendra and Mark) -- Steps One, Two, Three (Only one source). First source, highlighted, and most important points written on highlighted sheet. Do not write "the author writes about the play," write what the author is saying.

Group One- Read your pages 1-15 and answer the questions. Completed and highlighted script. (You should highlight your parts and the stage directions you need to do.

Due Monday
All groups except group one- Second source printed out, highlighted, and write the main points of the second source.
Group two- highlighted play.
Group One- Be ready to present your scene.

Due Tueday
Group One - Two sources printed out, highlighted, and main points of the article on the handout.
Group two- be ready to present your scene and have completed questions from your section of the play. Be sure to answer in complete sentences.
Group three- highlighted play
All groups except one complete steps four and five on handout

Due Wednesday
Group two-finish your presentation
Group four- highlighted script.
All groups have steps four, five and six and seven completed. Group 1, you may skip both parts of step three.
Questions from the play completed--Group 1, since you already did the first four questions, you only have to do questions 7 and 8

Due Thursday
Group three- Be ready to present today
All groups--rough draft of your PLAYBILL assignment- You must have both a hard copy and an electronic copy

Due Friday
Group four- Be ready to present your script today
Please bring a revised draft of your paper with your works cited today.

Hand in your recipe for the African Feast that we will have next Friday--Please do not choose something with exotic ingredients that you (or more importantly your mom) will have to run around and find. Also, please do not buy any of the ingredients until your recipe has been approved. We don't want to have everyone in the class make banana pudding. You may use google to find your recipe. (Note: We are not looking for African American recipes!) You will receive points for this assignment. If you hand the recipe in on Monday, you will receive only half credit. Every student must hand in a recipe before next Friday.

Week of April 19th
Due Monday---REMINDER: Work cannot be handed in after lunch nor printed out during class. If work is assigned for a specific day, you must come into the class with a hard copy and an electronic copy of the assignment for the PLAYBILL. If you do not have the electronic copy available when you come into the classroom then you cannot do the work that you are supposed to do for the period. This will cause you to fall behind. If you do not have a computer or a printer at home, there are many options available to you. You have the work for all of this week so you know well in advance what you have to do. If you work ahead, you will not find yourself in a bind if your printer ends up not working on the night before a assignment is due.
-Revised Version of PLAYBILL assignment with finalized works cited page. You cannot have anything cited in your article that is not on the works cited page and you cannot have anything on the works cited page that is not cited. Please remember to include the play on your works cited page. Please make sure you have an electronic copy available as well as a hard copy as you will begin to design and do final edits of the pages of the PLAYBILL.
-Any student who did not hand in their recipe on Friday may do so for half credit
Most of you already did so in class, but if you did not you must turn your paper into

Due Wednesday
-Each group must have their ad completed. The ad must have something to do with what we have learned through our research or the reading of our play. You may be able to draw on something from your own research to do your ad. You must have both a hard copy and a electronic copy of your ad when you come to class.
-Each student's articles must be imported to Publisher and you must have completed your edits of the entire page. You may print them out in class since you do not have publisher at home. You will need them when you come to class tomorrow so be sure to print them before you leave the classroom or school today. Remember, you are only responsible for whether or not your article is imported. If someone in your group has not imported their article, you do not lose points for that.
-Vocab Notecards for Chapter 7

Due Thursday
Completed pages (of the newsletter) due with ads and graphics. Each student must provide a hard copy of the finished product of the pages not just their own article. This was supposed to be printed out yesterday. Each student must also have an electronic copy of their pages as well. (We will add the works cited later).

The final copy of your article is due when you come into class. You may not print it out during class. You must have a self edit sheet on top of the pile, then your final draft, then your updated works cited page. (Don't forget that everything on your works cited page has to match everything you have cited in your paper). Next you need all of the previous drafts (We handed in four before today-if you don't have all four hand in what you do have).
This is separate from the copy of your newletter even thought it is the same article.

Due Friday
Vocab Test Chapter 6
Since we are not finished with the project yet we will have to pospone our celebration until we get the project completed.

Week of 26th
Due Monday
Print out finished pages with ads by the end of the period today

Due Tuesday
Peer Edits for pages
Pages with ads and works cited emailed to me by the end of the period
Vocab Notecards Unit 7
Turn in your articles to by 10:00 tonight or they will be considered late

Due Wedneday
Final edited pages for PLAYBILL on flash drive by end of period today
Final Works Cited Page (only one for the entire class) on flash drive by the end of period today

Due Thursday
Vocab Chapter Unit 7
Annotated articles with KWL chart

Week of May 3rd
Due Monday please read up to and including page 25
Hunger Games group read up to and including page 30
Quiz on Books

Due Wednesday
Works Cited and completed article with pictures and ads must be on flash drive today

Due Thursday read up to and including page 43 and hand in First Lit Circle assignment (typed). This assignment will not be accepted late.
Hunger Games group read up to and including page 60 and hand in First Lit Circle assignment (typed). This assignment will not be accepted late.

Week of May 10th

Please keep in mind that you should be reading and working on your questions every night.

The work has changed a bit from the handout so please pay attention to the changes in the due dates for the questions.

Each group will be writing questions in google docs.
Each group member must do the following:

  • Post your questions in the group google document by 8:00 on the day that they are due.
  • Be sure that you have included the page numbers that you read and your name.
Be sure that you have included the page number where the answer to your question can be found.
Be sure that you order the questions correctly by page number in the google document.
Do not include the answers in the document.
Type the answers to questions other than your own when you are meeting in your groups.
Each student in each group must print out and hand in the answers to all of the questions on the day that it is due. Therefore, if you do not finish during class time, you will have to answer those questions on your own.

Jobs for the recorder:

First recorder will create the google docs account that will be used for the rest of the weeks. This account will include everyone in your group as well as me.
Include a heading that states the book, the members of the group, the page numbers each member of the group is reading for the week, and the dates their questions are due.
Review the questions as they come in to make sure that each person has labeled their questions, added their name, written the page number where the answer can be found and numbered their questions correctly. If they have not done so, remind them to do so.
Divide your group into two groups to make the task of answering the questions go more quickly. Make sure no students are answering their own questions.
Lead the groups and keep them on task so that you can finish your work in a timely fashion.
Bring both groups together, read over all of the answers and make sure that you all agree on the answers and that they are well written and grammatically correct.
Divide the reading for the following week and type it at the bottom of the document with the names of who will create questions for which pages. Write down who will be the recorder for the following week.

Due Tuesday
Questions for reader #1 and 2 from each group on part two of the book.

Due Wednesday
Questions for reader #3 from each group on part two of the book.
Printed out and answered questions from part one of the book from each student. These are the questions that I assigned in class last Thursday.

Due Thursday
Questions for reader #4 and #5 from each group on part two of the book.
Quiz on reading

Due Friday
Vocab Chapter 7 Test

Due Tuesday
Vocab Unit 8 Notecards
Answer to questions for Section 2 on Google Docs

Due Wednesday
Questions for Section 3 on Google Docs by 10 PM- two fact questions and two thinking questions

Due Thursday
Section 3 Reading Completed
Possible Reading Quiz

Due Friday
Entire Unit 8 Vocab Chapter
Vocab Unit 8 Test
Movie Poster - By today you should have your letter on your movie poster. Your poster should be linked to your wiki page by now.

Week of May 24th
Due Wednesday
Questions for Section 4 reading due on your google docs account by 10:00 am

Due Thursday
Typed Literature Assignment #4
Extra Credit Proposals for Vocabulary Games Due today--Proposal must be typed. Game must involve all members of the class at the same time and be creative and original. DO NOT CREATE the game. Simply type up your idea and the best ones will be chosen. If your game is chosen, you will create and run the game on your appointed day.

Due Friday
Answers to your google doc questions must be posted by 10:00
Vocab Test Unit 9
Your literature circle assignment #4 must be on your movie poster

Week of June 4th

Due Wednesday
Vocab Quiz 9
Google Doc Questions
Recorders must have page numbers and name of new recorded on google docs
Vocab Game Proposal-Extra Credit Opportunity- Remember the guidelines we discussed in class. The games must demonstate outside work. All students must be involved in the game at all times. Your proposal must include all the steps that you will take to accomplish your game. In other words, first I will get the class into two groups by having the students count up to 4.
Summary-Dialogue Notes, and Conection notes for "Nonviolent Resistance"
(Most of the above work will be completed in class)

Due Thursday
Book Quiz
Literature Assignment #5- this must be downloaded to the bottom of your movie poster

Due Friday
Answers to goole Doc questions